SOFA Spotlight: Nansare Consolata, fashion stylist, entrepreneur and community activist

Nansare - Spirit OF Africa

SOFA Spotlight: Explore the work of Nansare Consolata, fashion stylist, entrepreneur and community activist

This week’s focus is going to feature Nansare, a local African Black woman entrepreneur who has influenced the North West African community as a whole and the Black youth in particular.

Nansare African Print TakeoverAfrican Print Takeover” was founded in 2016 Formally known as Best of Both worlds production which was founded in 2005 by Nansare Consolata, a native of East Africa. Dissatisfied with the lack of cultural events in the Greater Seattle’s African community, Nansare took the Mahatma Gandhi quote “you must be the change you wish to see,” and she applied it.

Nansare Consolata - SOFAAs a student at Highline Community College, she was an active leader in the Black Student Union where she was inspired to actively participate in her community. Her first platform was at the 2005 Umoja Festival; the show was a success and was covered by the Seattle Times Newspaper the following year. In addition to her community activism, Nansare has produced many fashion shows for various events: Seattle Central Spring Bling, Festival Sundiata, Mwangaza Jitegemee Foundation, Igbo day Celebration, Spirit of West Africa now known as Spirit of Africa, Her big day cultural wedding show, community basketball tournaments and many more..Nansare - Spirit OF AfricaNansare is a fashion stylist who believes we are not all born the same; our differences make us unique. Her vision is for people to walk away from her cultural awareness fashion shows with a greater understanding of the African culture and the influence it has on western styles.

She hopes her audience will also walk away with new ideas on how to Nansare Consolata - SOFAintegrate traditional African clothes into their wardrobe and an increased consciousness of how and what clothes communicate; values, identity and culture.

As a mother, a sister, and a wife, she continues to not only be part of most of the community events across the North West, but she also promotes her culture (The African Culture) through her work and everyday life. And because of her influence, the new generation is getting more interested into the African fashion thus feeling lot more comfortable wearing these garments both traditional and modern. Nansare - Spirit Of Africa Festival

This year, Nansare along with the “African Print Takeover” is directing the Fashion Show which will feature her most recent collection that’s going to be shown for the first time at the SOFA (Spirit Of Africa) Festival. So, you do not want to miss that opportunity.

To learn more about Nansare and her work, please check her Facebook page and/or follow her on Instagram.

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