SOFA Spotlight: Yaw Amponsah, Master of the Ashanti Percussion

Yaw Amponsah Spirit Of Africa Festival
Yaw Amponsah was raised in musical family from Ghana, West Africa.
He was exposed to the arts and culture by his father, the legendary Ghanaian musician Koo Nimo.
Yaw Amponsah Spirit Of Africa Festival
As a young boy he was immersed in the complex drumming culture of the “Ashanti” people. A versatile percussionist, he plays many styles of music from Ghana such as Fontomfrom, Adowa, Kete, Akom, and kpanlogo.
Coming from a family of drummers, he has mastered the traditional rhythms of Odonson, highlife and palmwine music. Yaw‘s specialty is the music of the “Ashanti” people played in multi-part ensembles with as many as eight or more percussion parts. He has played and recorded with many local and international musicians in the Seattle, Washington area. He has performed with most of the Local Bands in Seattle among which Mohammed Shaibu, Ethienne Kapko, Thione Diop, Leif Totusek, Naby Camara, Manimu etc…
Yaw with Thione, Ethienne and Neyla
Also, as an expert of traditional Ghanaian talking drums, Yaw and his band “Anokye Agofomma” have performed at most of the Seattle’s main events such as Rhythm Festival, Folklife, Bumbershoot. He had led an “Ashanti” exhibition project at the Seattle Art Museum and the Sculpture Park in 2001. He is also known for playing with the “Manghis Khan”Jazz Quartet, “Maya Soleil” and the Seattle Symphony @ the Benoroya Hall.Yaw Spirit Of Africa
Yaw and his band are going to perform @ the Spirit Of Africa Festival this year, and you don’t to miss that opportunity.
If you want to know more about him, please check his Facebook Page.
Hope to see you all on May 12th @ the Festival.
Wakanda Forever!!!

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