Spirit Of Africa 2018

SOFA is the only FESTIVAL in the North West that features and represents the entire continent and the diaspora. Your donations will help make a difference to the Festival.

As a not-for-profit Organization, SOFA operates and creates opportunities for everyone to celebrate, share and participate in the evolving traditions of AFRICA as a Continent and a dream land.


Join the effort by making tax-exempt donation to the Spirit Of Africa Festival. One way is to simply click on the donation button to make sure gift through PayPal (you may designate which program you would like your donation to be applied to during the process). You can also send a check to the Spirit Of Africa office. (The address is: 1071, 26th Ave E, Seattle WA 98101.)

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Become a friend of the FESTIVAL by simply signing up and you will be up to date with upcoming events and will be among the first people to be informed.  Also, if you’re ambitious about joining SOFA Family and take a leading position, do not hesitate to do so, as we have positions that are waiting to be filled. So, please Sign-Up and/or complete the application for further information.

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Why donate to SOFA?

While the FESTIVAL enthusiastically allocates income from the annual event, grants, donations from family members and friends are vital to the success of the FESTIVAL’s community support. The need is much more than the event can fund and we’re continually heartened to see SOFA Family step up to the challenge.

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